Thursday, April 9, 2009

text me...okay?

i read this article today on yahoo about a girl who's father took a hammer to her cell phone because of the phone bill.

can you believe this girl? their phone bill was over $4000!!!!

apparently she was texting her ass off during her classes.

her parents thought the feature had been disabled, so the father smashed her phone with a hammer.

a bit drastic, but okay.

oh, and they grounded her for the rest of the school year. like that's going to do her any good! the school year ends in, what, two months? oooh, thats, like, way harsh.


they shouldve said "youre grounded until school starts in the fall. and by the way, youre going to get a summer job and all your paychecks are going to help us pay off this ginormous phone bill. one last thing: you want a cell phone? youll have to pay for it yourself." thatll teach her a lesson. a real lesson.

needless to say, this will never be happening to me. ive got The Company probably watchin' my ass from a frickin' sattelite in space. this is a paid gig, but theyre paying for my new life, too. i can just imagine what would happen if i racked up a phone bill like that.

pink slip.

and a boot mark on my apple-shaped butt.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Informant U: Trick #4

fake jobs

sometimes snitches pretend to be law abiding workers and hold a certain job to help them steal information. in this case, my job is pretending to be a high school student when ive already graduated from high school. but i have to attend all the classes and do the homework, so im not pretending am i? and what about my job at charlotte russe? im workin’ my ass off at the place and have to pass out Stupid Citations. definitely not pretending there.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

ill take a medium cheese, please

i wish i wouldve been one of the lucky cincinnatians to get a free pizza from domino's.

betcha they're going to be more careful about their advertisements now, eh? 11,000 free pizzas.


i cant even imagine.

Monday, March 30, 2009

spies r us

yahoo headlines today: CIA is Hiring.

i found this to be highly interesting. i mean, they have to find recruits somehow right? besides all the normal media routes, they mentioned universities and colleges. arent colleges the same as universities? anyhow, that made me think of sidney bristow. didnt she get recruited on a college campus?

if you read the article, be sure to click on the link about the secret code names. im thinking Oh Wise One would LOVE to add radiance and rosebud to her list of unusual names for girls. cuz thats just the way she is. you have what it takes?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

age of education

This Prompt O’ The Day about AGING is brought to you by sunday scribblings

I graduated from high school at the age of 13. The following post is a guest blog by my Oh Wise Creator, Celise Downs, on where she came up with the idea.

Age of Education

When I was in high school, a friend of mine had a younger sister who graduated from high school a year early. She was smart, no doubt (she got a full ride to Purdue), but it fascinated me that someone would be so eager to start their higher education so soon. I barely graduated from high school because my nose was buried in books—and I’m not talking study books, either. And I wasn’t looking forward to college, either. Mid-way through first semester at a community college, I was wishing my parents would’ve let me take a break first.

But I digress. While immersing myself in the teen culture, I would read stories about kids who skipped a grade—or two, graduated early, received a degree at age 17, or received a master’s or Phd by age 20. Just recently I read about a woman who allowed her son to skip high school altogether and go straight to college!

How crazy is that?

When I hear stuff like that it really makes me wonder. Is there a smart gene? Is the child a quick learner? Or is the child just naturally curious about the world and wants to know anything and everything? When I was going to school, I don't think charter schools existed. And I'm not sure how long homeschooling has been in existence, but it wasn't an option my parents ever thought to look into. In creating the character for this series, I knew I wanted a smart girl, someone who'd graduated early from high school. By this time, I'd heard about homeschooling--or 'unschooling' as it's called sometimes--and I thought the uniqueness of that world was perfect for Draven. A perfect and 'freeing' environment like that would make it very easy for a child to graduate early.

And while it’s great to hear that a child is smart enough to do that, there's the “Yeah, but what about their social and psychological development?” aspect of it. That kid who skipped high school and went to college? How did he feel about being surrounded by kids older than him? How did they relate to him? Was he an outcast? Was he treated like a freak? Does he have any friends? How hard—or easy—was it for him to make friends? I mean really, how do you prepare your child for something like that?

Well, in Draven's case, you prepare them by keeping their fingers in the proverbial teenage pie. I didn't want to throw her into a life of an informant without anything else to fall back on. Sure, she could have a normal job, but that's still a "grown-up" job,and it's not like she would have much contact with other kids her age. She's a teenager and I still wanted her to have that teenage experience. In order to do that, she had to go back to school. And it couldn't be just any school.

My niece, who inspired me to write the series and for whom Draven Atreides is modeled after, attended a charter school during her 4 yrs in high school. I shadowed her one day (meaning I went to school with her and attended all of her classes with her) and fell in love with her school. The whole time I was there, I was like "Why couldn't I have gone to a school like this? Where the hell were these schools when I was going to high school?" I was jealous! Besides the general core classes like math and science, they had creative writing classes, dance, drama, music, choir, art, photography, and ceramics. Her school doesn't have an athletic team, no sports to speak of, actually, and at the time, they didn't even have a yearbook or school newspaper. That may have changed by now (she only graduated last year, after all). Her school promotes freedom. Freedom of creativity, that is, and that's the type of school Draven needed as a cover.

I'm going to enjoy writing about Draven. I'm going to enjoy showing the world, well, Draven's world. And hopefully she'll scoop up some fans in the process.

isnt she freakin' awesome? she drives me crazy sometimes, but i have to chalk that up to her being a creative. click on the link to learn more about her. and youll be able to read all about me and my very first case oct 23rd.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

where im from

spring break was too short. i took a break from blogging, too, as you can probably see. the Prompt O' the Day is brought you by sunday scribblings: "i come from..."

im from apple valley, ohio

a place of:

rolling green hills

cornfields aplenty

apple orchards out the wazoo

farms inhabited by many different species of animals

sturdy oak trees with rope swings

warm apple pies with homemade ice cream

barn dances

snow days

....and a little watering hole that was so clear you could see to the bottom

i really miss that place.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Informant U: Word #3

secret signals

The Company version: thumbtacks, chalk, tape used to send messages

my version: two eye blinks + the "ok" sign + right toe tap + a neck bob + one eyebrow lift = "oh no she di-dnt. that bitch is lyin'."